The mission of NERA

The New England Region Alumni Association is to support the people, programs and priorities of the New England Region of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society


Support chapter leadership and membership by providing mentorship, guidance and education. Develop a regional scholarship to assist regional members participation in events and or membership fees to join the Society.


Support increasing chapter and member involvement in Honors in Action programming by promoting and encouraging student leadership and development opportunities offered by Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters.


Increase financial support of local and Society-wide scholarships for members to continue their education at community and senior colleges.


Attending Catalyst and Honors Institutes allows even greater opportunities to get involved within the NERA. NERA provides support for Phi Theta Kappa members to become acquainted with their next step after graduating. Fellowship gives them the opportunity to connect or even reconnect with alumni from the New England Region.

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Pay-It-Forward Campaign

According to the NCES and Phi Theta Kappa data sources, 7200 academically low-income, qualified New England Region students, were unable to join the Society strictly based on Membership Costs (Catalyst 2022, 2017-2022).

The first goal of the Campaign is to raise funds that will reduce this number to zero. With your help and that of your alumni members, I am confident we can foster this change and nourish its growth!

The second goal of the Campaign is to raise funds that will allow 300 members annually to attend a regional conference or event. (Spring region Conference, the NERA offers two door prizes to attendees that giveaway registration fees for one Catalyst registration and one Honors Institute registration. These International events offer members the greatest opportunities to grow as leaders and scholars. They also offer great opportunities for fellowshipping and networking.)

Will you consider donating or hosting a fundraiser with your alumni members to assist with reaching these goals:

  • By 2022, Zero New England Region, qualified students, miss the opportunity to be a Phi Theta Kappa member due to membership costs. Raise donations to assist in this cost.
  • By 2022 raise donations that afford 300 regional members registrations to conferences and events yearly.

Thank you very for your support of the Pay-it-Forward Campaign New England Region!

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